Small Sources 2: Tarbert (Co. Kerry) schoolchildren 1809

A list of 39 schoolchildren in Tarbert, Co. Kerry in 1809 from NLI Ms 17,935 (5). if you make a connection, we would love to hear about it to jim.ryan (at)

‘A list of the Scholars educating (sic) at the english school founded at Tarbert by the Governors of Erasmus Smith’s Schools. May 1809.

Mary Kelly
Sarah Fowler (?)
James Fowler (?)
Michael Finucane
Ann Finucane
Catherine Finucane
Elizabeth McCormick
Catherine Ware
Mary Ware
James Supple
John Eggleston
Hannah Nott
Charles Conner
Mary Conner
George Ware
William Dillane
Margaret Dillane
Michl. Dillane
John Dillane
William Murray
John Enright
Edmond Fowlove (?)
John Finucane
Michael Finucane
William Cummins
Pat Cummins
Margaret Cummins
Abigail Murray

A list of Free Boys
Francis Kelly
Thos. Kelly
Willm. King
David Ferguson
Henry McCormick
John Nott
Thos. Nott
Thos. Murray
Charles Murray
Thos. Ware
George Farrel ‘

Signature appears to be Aust (?) Martin

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