Sources for Irish Family History

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Introduction to 'Sources for Irish Family History' (the names covered in the book are listed below) This volume contains a list of books. monographs and periodical papers dealing with specific Irish families. The references cited are mainly accounts of particular family lines and vary from fond and emotional accounts of families and their ancestral homes to dispassionate, well-researched and fully documented family studies and pedigrees. The greater value of the material contained in these references is to put some human dimension to the barren facts that may be obtained from the usual range of records. No church or civil record will inform us that our ancestors were wonderful singers or dancers; or of the details of their travels or their occupation; nor whether their recorded marriages were the culminations of great romances, or of family arrangements. Such information can, however, be occasionally found in the memoirs and letters detailed in the articles and books listed here. In terms of scale, the referenced material varies from a few lines to several volumes. In attempting to compile the list, some decisions had to be made on what to include. It would be gratifying to be able to set down exact criteria by which it was determined how material was rejected or included. However, the only guides were usefulness and practicality. As researchers of family history will know, the information critical to research may just as easily be found in 2 stray lines of information, as in large works of reference. I have therefore erred on the side of inclusion in all cases of doubt. Some biographies, for instance, have been included where they include more than just references to the immediate family. In addition, there are references to manuscripts in various archives. However, the list does not attempt to be comprehensive on this source.  A few points to be noted by readers are:   1. Names beginning with O’ or Mc’ are listed by the letter following the prefix i.e. ‘O’Connor’ is listed under ‘Connor’ and ‘McBride’ under ‘Bride'. The references cited are generally accounts of a particular family line and none attempt to deal with all holders of a particular surname. Some optimistic readers may be turning these pages hoping that the research on their family has already been done. Not many will be satisfied on this point. 2. The location within Ireland of a cited family is not always evident from the title. In some cases an indication of location has been added. Otherwise, it may be useful to establish (from the abbreviation list) if the periodical in which the article appears has a specific area of interest. The majority of the periodicals cited are concerned with specific counties or areas. Articles rarely appear in such journals unless there is some local significance. 3. The references are almost always listed according to the name form used in the article cited. You should therefore be aware of all possible variations of the family name of interest and search under each one. (Useful references supplied) 4. The referenced articles deal with the history of families in Ireland. Further articles and books exist which deal with the history of Irish families in their country of emigration. These have not been specifically sought, although some are listed. 5. The lists do not include entries in the several major references to pedigrees of Irish families. These contain a wealth of information which it is pointless to repeat here, and they should be searched separately. They include:

  • Burke's Irish Family Records. Ed. Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd. London & NY: Burke's Peerage Ltd; 1976.
  • A Genealogical & Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland. Sir John B. Burke. London 1912.
  • O’Hart, John. Irish Pedigrees or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation. McGlashan & Gill, Dublin , 1876; and New York; Murphy & McCarthy (1923).(Origins of the Gaelic families of Ireland)
  • Visitation of Ireland : 1897-1918. Joseph J. Howard & Frederick A. Crisp. Genealogical Pub.Co. Baltimore 1973. (6 Volumes of pedigrees of major Gentry)
  • An analyisis of the families which are the subject of the cited articles and books will show that they do not accurately reflect the popularity of the family names. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of the families which are the subjects of these studies are the prominent families. The landed gentry are a particular subject for these studies. Another factor is the existence of a local journal in which to publish. Families in counties with long-established and active local history journals (e.g. Kildare, Cork & Kilkenny) are more likely to be featured than those in counties where local history publication is a more recent activity (e.g.Mayo, Longford). Articles in periodicals are referenced according to a standard format, which provides the details in the following sequence and with parentheses ‘ ( )’ as indicated: Title of article: This may be very brief or very detailed according to the policy of the editors. Name of Periodical: This is usually abbreviated – see Abbreviations (p. X )for explanation & further information Volume Number: Periodicals appear in volumes, annually or less frequently according to the policy of the publishers. (Part No.): Volumes are often published in separate ‘parts’, eg. on a quarterly basis. (Year/s) The year of publication, which is often a critical requirement when ordering a periodical Page number(s) The series of pages occupied by the article. For example: The Nagles of Mount Nagle , Annakissy. Ir.Gen. 11 (2) (1954) 337–48 shows that the article on the Nagles appeared in Volume 11, part 2 of the Irish Genealogist which was published in 1954. It occupies pages 337 to 348 of this volume. Most of the periodicals cited are specialist genealogical or local history journals and are in most major genealogical libraries with an Irish holding. The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is provided (where available) and will assist libraries in tracing copies. Failing this, copies of articles may be obtained through inter-library loan or photocopy schemes. In the list of Abbreviations and Sources (page 11 of book) the website or other contact details for many of the journal publishers is provided. Back-copies of these journals can often be purchased. If no website is listed, it may still be useful to do a web search for the publishers, since new websites are being created every day. Note that many periodicals are published by voluntary local groups and the frequency and standard of publication may vary widely over time. Some periodicals also cease publication after a few issues. Book references contain the information: Title; Author; Place of publication and Publisher; Year of Publication. Where available, an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is given, which will make it easy for your librarian or bookseller to find a copy. This is only available for modern books. The call number for the National Library of Ireland, and/or the Mormon Library system is given for rarer books, or donated monographs. Some of the books or booklets cited are very difficult to obtain. Many have been privately published (usually by the author) in small numbers for distribution to family members and friends. Even many of those recently published do not contain an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) or Library of Congress number or other reference which would make them easier to trace. However, major genealogical libraries have large collections of such titles. If no library copy can be found, it may be possible to trace an original copy through bookshops specialising in Irish antiquarian books, and some may also be available through Google Books or similar web sources. A final useful source are the family histories or papers which are specific to a particular library. For instance, the National Library of Ireland and the LDS libraries have a large collection of family histories donated by individuals, which may not be available elsewhere. The Leader Collection in the Irish Genealogical Research Society, also contains material (varying from ‘a few lines’ to detailed pedigrees) on Cork families. If you are unable to visit an Irish library yourself, a researcher may be contracted to do so. Lists of researchers are available on the website of the National Library of Ireland (Website: and also from the Association of Professional Genealogists of Ireland (Website: Index of Names listed in Sources for Irish Family History For all Mc or Mac names please look at the alphabetic entry for the part of the name after the Mc/Mac eg for Mc Cann see Cann etc) For all O’ names please look at the alphabetic entry for the part of the name after the O’ eg for Mc Cann see Cann etc) Abercorn Acheson Acton Adair Adams Adderley Agnew Ahearne or Aherne Aher Aitkenhead Alcock Alcorn Aldworth Alen Alexander Algoe McAlindon Alison Allen or Alen Amory McAnally or McEnally Ancketill Anderson Andrews Annesley Anson Anstis Anthony Anketell or Ankitel Archbold Archdale Archdeacon or Archdekin Archer Armstrong Arnoldi Arnup Arthur MacArtney Ash or Ashe Ashmur Ashe Aston Athy Atkin Atkinson Auchinleck Auchmuty MacAulay or McAuley McAuliffe Austen Aylmer Aylward Babington Bagenal Bagge Bagot Bagwell Bailie Baird Baker Balbirnie Baldwin Ball Barbour or Barbor Barclay Barcroft Barker Barnard Barnewall, Barnwall or Barnwell Barrett Barrington Barron Barrow Barry Barter Barton Basnett Basquill Bassett Bateman Bathe or De Bathe Bayly Beale Beamish Beatagh or Betagh Beatty or Beattie Becher Beck Beirne & O’Beirne Bell Bellew Bellingham Benn Bennett Benson Bentley Beresford Berford Berkley Bermingham or Birmingham Bernard Berry Besnard Betson Bettesworth Bevan Bewley Biggs Bingham Birch Bishop Bisset Black Blackall or Blackhall Blacker Blackham Blackney Blackwell Blackwood Blair Blake Blakeney Blaney or Blayney Blatchford Blennerhassett Blood Bloxham or Bloxsom Blunden Boate Boland Bolster Bolton Bond Bor Borough Boswell Bourchier Bourke Bourne or Bournes Bowden Bowen Bowes Boxwell Boyd Boylan Boyle or O’Boyle Boyse Brabazon Bracken Braddell Bradfield Bradshaw Brady Braly Bray Brayman Bredin Breen Brennan or O'Brennan Brereton Brett Brettridge McBride McBrien O'Brien or Brien Brinkley Brinsley Briody Britton Brocas Broderick (Mac) Brody Brohen Bronte Brooke Brooks or Brookes Brotherton Browne or Brown Brownlow Brownrigg Brunty or Prunty Bryan Bryant Buchanan Buckley Bulby or McBulby Bullen Bullock Bunce Bunworth Burdon De Burgh/o Burke , De Burgh or De Burgo Burleigh Burnell Burnett Burnside Burrows or Burrowes Burton Bury Busby Bush Busteed Butler Butt Byrne or O'Byrne MacCabe O’Cahane Cairns or Cairnes Caldwell McCall O'Callaghan or Callaghan Callan Callender Camac Campbell Campion Candler McCann or McCana Canning O'Cannon Cantillon Cantwell Caraher Carbery Carden Cardiff Cardigan Carew Carey Carlile Carlin Carr Carragher O'Carroll or Carroll McCarron Carson MacCarthy Macartney Carttar Casey Cashman Cassell or Castle Cassidy Castle Caters MacCathmhaoil or McCaul McCaughan Caulfield Macausland or McCausland Cavenagh MacCawell Chadwick Chamberlain(e) Chambers Charleton Charley Chartres Chatterton Cheetham Chenevix Cherry Chetwood Chichester Chinnery Chivers Christian Claffey Clancarty Clancy Clare Clark or Clarke McClatchey Clayton Cleland McClement Clements McClenehan Clenlow O'Clery Cliffe Clifford Clifton McClintock Clinton . Clune McClure Coakley Coane Coats Cockburn or Coburn Codys or MacCodys Codd Coffey Cogan or DeCogan Coghill Coghlan, MacCoghlan, Coughlan or Cohalan Colburn Colclough Cole Coleman or Colman Colgan and McColgan Colhoun Colkin Colles or Collis Colley Collins Colpoys Colquhoun or Calhoun Colville McComb Comerford Comyn Concannon McCone Condon MacConmara McConnell Conn Connell or O'Connell Conner Connery Connolly or Conolly O'Connor or O'Conor Conwil Conyers Conyngham Cook or Cooke Cooper . Coote Cope Copinger or Coppinger Copley Corballis or Corbally Corban Corbet Corker MacCormick or McCormack Corry Cosby Cosgrove Cossett Costello Cotter Coughlan Coulson Courthope Cowan Cowley Cramer Crawford McCrea Creagh Creany Crichton Crocket Crofton Crofts Croker Crone Cronin Crooke Crookshank Crosby Cross Crossle or Crossley Crowley or O’Crowley Cruise Crushell Crymble Cudahy Cudmore Cuffe O’Cuinneagan Cullen Cullinane & Cullinan McCullagh Cummins Cunningham Cuppaidge Curneen or O'Curneen Curran Curtin Cusack McCuskey Cust Macutchen or McCutchen Cutting Dacey Dalton Daly & O’Daly Danckert Dane Daniel(s) or O'Daniel Dannett D’Aran Darbyshire D'Arcy or Darcy Dardis Dare Darley Darrah Daunt Davies MacDavitt O'Davoren Davys Dawson O’Dea Deacon Dean or Deane De Burgh Deady DeCourcy Deey Degennes De Lacy Delafield O'Dell Delamain Delamere Delany De la Touche Dempsey or O'Dempsey Denham Dennehy Dennison Denny Denroche De Rinzy McDermot De Ridelesford Desmond D'Esterre Devaney O'Develin Devenish De Verdon Devereux Devenish Devitt Devlin or O’Devlin Devoy Dexters Dickson Digby Dignam Dill Dillon Disney Dix Dixon Dobbs Dobbyn or Dobbin Dodwell O'Doherty, Dogherty or O’Dochartaigh Dolan Domville McDonagh MacDonald Donaldson Donelan or Donnellan Dongan Donnan MacDonnell O'Donnell Donnellan Donnelly or O’Donnelly MacDonogh Donoghue or O’Donoghue Donovan Dooney Dopping Dore Dormer O'Dowd, O’Dowda or O’Dubhda Dowdall Dowden Dowe O'Dowling Dowman Downey Downing or Dineen Dowse Doyle Doyne Drake Draycot Draycott Dreaver Drew O'Driscoll O’Dubhda Duck Duckett Duffield Duffy or O'Duffy Duggan Duigenan or O'Duigenan Duke Dulhunty Dullea Dundas Dungan Dunleavy or Dunlevy Dunlop Dunne Dunville Durack O'Dwyer Eagar Earberry Early Eason Eastwood Eaton Echlin Edgeworth Edwards Eedy Egan or MacEgan Elgee Ellerd McElligott or McEllicott Ellis Ellison Elrington Elwood Ely Emison Emmet McEnally MacEneaney England Erley Eskildson Esmond or Esmonde Etchingham Eustace Evans Evanson Evatt Everard Everitt Evers McEvoy Eyre Fagan Fahy Fair Falkiner Fannins Fawcett McFee Fennessy Fenwick Ferguson Ferrall Ferrar Fetherston Fetherton ffolliott Fiddes Finnerty Finucane MacFirbis or Forbes Fish Fisher Fitton Fitzell FitzEustace Fitzgerald FitzGibbon FitzMaurice FitzPatrick Fitzrery Fitzsimon Fitzwilliam O'Flaherty Flanagan Flannery Flatesbury Fleetwood Fleming O'Flynn or Flynn Flood Follin Folliott Foott Forbes Forrestall Fortescue Forster Forsythe Foster Fowkes Fox or Foxe Franklin Frayne Frazer or Fraser Freeman Freke French Friel Frith Fry Fuller Fullerton Fulthorpe Fulton Furlong Gage Galbraith O'Gallagher Galwey Gamble Ganley O’Gara Garde Gardiner Gartlan or Gartland Garvey or McGarvey(vie) Gates Gaughran or Gauran Gault Gaussen McGawley Gayer MacGee Gelston Geoghegan or MacGeoghegan Geraghty Gernon Gerrard McGettigan Gettys Gibbs McGill Gillespie Gillman or Gilman MacGillycuddy or McGillicuddy Given Gleeson or Glasson Godkin Godson Goff Going Gollick Good Goodall Goodbody Goold Gordon Gore Gorges O'Gormley Gosnell or Gosnold Gough MacGovern O'Gowan Gower Grace O'Grady Graham Granard Grant McGrath Grattan Graves Gray or Grey Greatrakes Green or Greene Greer Gregg Gregory Grier Grierson Griffin Griffith Grubb McGuckin Guinness or McGuinness MacGuire Gun or Gunn Gunning Hackett Hadsor O’Hagan O'Hagerty or O’Hegerty Haines Halahan Hall Halliday Hallinan O'Halloran Haly Hammet Hamill Hamilton Hanbidge Hanley, O'Hanley or O’Hanly Hanlon or O'Hanlon Hannon Hanrahan O'Hara Harden Hardy Hare Hargreaves Harman or Harmon Harney Harold Harper or Harpur Harrigan Harrington Harris Harrison Hart, O'Hart & Harte Hartland Hartpole Harvey Hassard Hatch Hatchell Hatfield Haughton Hawkes Hawkins Hawksby Hawkshaw Hay Hayden Hayes Hayman Hazelton O'Hea Healy Heard Hearn Heffernan O'Hegarty Helsham Henchy Henderson Hendley Hendy Hennessey Henry Heppental Herbert Herlihy Heron Herrick Hewetson Hewson O'Heyne O'Hickey, Hickey or Hickie Hickson Higgins or O'Higgins Higginson Hill Hillas Hilliard Hime Hoade Hoare Hobson Hodges Hodnett Hogan Holdom Hollingsworth Hollywood Holmes Homan Hone Honner Hopper Hore Hornibrook Hort Hosford Houghton Hovenden Howard Hudson Hughes Huleatt Hull Humphreys Huntingdon Hurley, O'Hurley or O'Hurly Huss Hutchinson Hussey or O'Hussey Hyde Hynes Ince Inglefield Ingram Ireton Irvine, Irving Irwin Ivey Ivory Jackson Jacob Jagoe Jamison or Jameson Jeffcott Jeffereys Jellett Jennings Jephson or Jepson Jermyn Johnston or Johnson Jolly Jones Jordan Joyce Judd Juman O'Kane Kavanagh or Cavenagh MacKay Keane Keaney Kearney Keating MacKee O’Keefe Keevil Keily Kell or Kells Kelleher Kellett Kelly or O'Kelly Kemmis MacKenna Kenneally or Keaneally Kennedy or O'Kennedy Kenney or Kenny MacKenzie Keogh or McKeogh O’Keohane Kerdiff Kerin Kernan Kerr Keyburn McKibbin Kidd Kingan King Kingsbury Kingston MacKinley Kinsella Kirby or O'Kirby Kirkpatrick Kirwan McKitrick Knagges Knaresborough Knox Lacy Lahee Lally Lamb Lambert Lane Langham Langrishe Langton Langtrey Lappan Larkin La Touche Lattimore Lattin MacLaughlin or McLoughlin Laurence Lavallin Lawder Law or Lawe Lawless Lawrence Lawson Leader Leahey or Leahy Leary or O’Leary Leddin Ledlie Lee, Leech Lees Leeson Le Fanu Lefroy or Loffroy Leicester Leigh Lenox-Conyngham Le Poer Trench Leslie Lett Levinge Lewis Lighton Limerick or Limrick Lindesay or Lindsay Linley Lloyd O’Lochlainn Locke Lockhart Lodge Loffroy Loftus Logan O'Loghlen Lombard Londonderry Long Longfield Lordan or Lordon O'Lorkan or Larkin McLoughlin O’Loughlin or O’Loghlen Loughrea Lovekin Lowry Lowther Lucas Lucett Lundy Luttrel Lydon or Lyden Lynch Lyne Lynskey Lyons Lysaght or MacLysaght Lyster or Leicester Mackey Macoboy Macraith Macutchen Madden, Madan or O'Madden Madill Magan Magawly Magee Magennis Mageoghan Maghlin Magill Magrath Maguire Maher Mahon MacMahon Mahony or O'Mahony Malcolmson O'Malley Malone Maloney Mangan Mannion Mansfield MacManus O'Maolconaire or O'Maelconaire Mapowder Mara Marisco Markham Marshal Martin or Martyn Marum Mason Massy or Massey Mathew or Matthew(s) Maude Maunsell or Mounsell Maxwell Mayberry Maynard Mayne Meade or Meagh Meagh O'Meagher or Meagher Meara, Mara or O’Meara Meehans or O'Meehans O'Melaghlin Melance O'Mellan Mellett Mercer Meredith Merrick Merry Metcalfe MacMillan Miller Millikin Mills Milner-Barry Minchin Minehan Mitchell Moat Molloy or O'Molloy Moloney Molyneux Monck Monckton Mongan or Mongon Monroe Montgomery Montmorency Moody Moone Mooney Moore Moorhouse Moran O’Morchoe More or O'More Morgan Morgill Moriarty or O'Moriarty Morris Morrison Morrow Morton Mosman Moulton Mounsell Moutray Mowbray Mulcahy Mulconry or O'Mulconry Mulhern Mulholland O'Mullally or Lally Mullan or O'Mullan O'Mullane McMullen Mulligan Mulloy ot Molloy Mulock O'Mulryan or Mulryan Mulvey Murphy Murray or McMurray McMurtry Musters Myers or Meyers Myhills Myles MacNaghten Nagle MacNair Nally or McNally MacNamara Nangle Nash McNaughten or McNaughton MacNeale Neary MacNeill or McNeale Neill & O’Neill Neilson Nelligan or Neligan Nesbitt Netterville Nevil Nevins Newenham Nicholson Nihell Nixon Noble Nolan or Nowlan Noonan Norreys Norton Notter Nottingham Nugent Nunn Nuttall Obins Odell Odlum Oliver Olney Ormsby Orpen Orr Osborne McOstrich Otway Ouseley Ovens Owen Owgan Oxburgh Pakenham or Packenham Palliser Palmer Parke Parker Parkinson Parnell Parr Parsons Patterson Payton, Peyton or Patton Pearson or Pierson Peebles Pemberton Penn Pennefather Pennington Penrose Pentheny Peppard Percival Percy Perrin Perrott Perry Pettapiece Petty Peyton Phaire or Phair Phillips Philpotts or Philpot Phipps Pierce Pierse or Piers Pierson Pilkington Pilleys or Pillows Pim Piphoe Place Pleasant Plunkett Pockrick, Poekrich, or Pockrich Poe Pollexfen Pollock Pomeroy Ponsonby Poole Popham Porter Potter Potterton Powell Power Poyntz Pratt Prendergast Preston Priestly Pritchard Prunty Pulvertaft Punch Purcell Purdon Puxley Pyne Quain Quigley MacQuillan or McQuillin Quinn or O’Quinn Rabbitt Macraith Radcliffe Radley Rae Raggett Raines Ram Ramadge Rampain McRannal Rathborne Ray Raycroft Rea or Rhea Reade Real Reardon Redmond Regan, Reagan and O'Regan Reilly or O'Reilly Rentoul Reynell Reynolds Rice Richards Richardson Riddel Riggs Ringrose (O’) Riordan or Reardon Rivers Robbins Roberts Robertson Robinson Roche or Roch Rochford Rochfort Roden Roe Rogers Rolt Ronayne or Ronan Rooney MacRory or Rory Rosborough Rose Ross Rosseter or Rossiter Rothe Rothwell O'Rourke Roy Royse Ruddock Rudge Rudkin Rumley Runnett or Runnell Ruskin Russell Rutter Ruttledge Rutherford Ruxton Ryall Ryan, Mulryan or O’Mulryan Ryder Rye Ryland Sadleir St. Lawrence St. Leger or St. Ledger Sall or Salle Sanders Sandys Sankey Sarsfield Saunders Saunderson Savage Savile Scanlan Scarborough Scott Scully Scurlock Sealy Seaver Segrave or Seagrave Seymour Shackleton Shaen Shannon (O')Shaughnessy Shaw Shears Sheehan (Mac) Sheehy Sheppard Sheridan Sherlock Shields Shirley Shortall or Shortill Shortis Sibthorpe Siggins Sinclair Singleton Sinnett, Sinnot Sirr Sitlington Skelly Skerrett Skiddy Skrine Slacke Sloane Smillie Smith Smithwick Smyly Smye Smyth Snowe or Snow Somerville Sotheron Southwell Spearman Spedding Speer Spenser Splaine Spotswood Spread Stack Stafford Staker Stamers Standish Stapleton Staunton or Stanton Stawell Steel Stevenson Steward Stewart or Steward Stinson Stirling Stoker Stokes Stoney Stopford Stothard Stranaghan Strange Stout Stuart Studdert (O) Sullivan Sutcliffe Sutton Swann Swanton Swanzy Sweeney or MacSweeney Sweetman Swete Swift Switzer Swords Sykes Symes Synan Synge Synott or Synnott Taaffe Taggart Tait Talbot Tandy Tanner Tarrant Tartarain Taverner Taylor Teape Tegart or Taggart Tempest Tennent Terry Thompson or Thomson Thornhill Thornton Thurston Tidbury Tiernan or McTiernan/McTernan Tierney Tighe Tipper Tobin or Tobyn Tollett Tomkins Tone O'Toole & Toole Toomey Topp Torrens Tottenham Towgood Townley Townsend or Townshend Tracey Traill Trant Travers Trehy Trench Tressillian Trousdell Troy Truman Tucker Tuite Tuke Tuohy Turner Turpin Turton Tuthill Tweedy Twiss Twomey Tyndall Tynte Tyrrell Uniacke Ussher Uvedale Valentine Vance Vane Vaughan Venable Venn Vereker Verling Verner Vesey-Fitzgerald Vicars Vickery Vickers Vigors Villiers Vincent Vowell Waddell Wadding Waddy Wade Waggett Wakeham Wakely Walcott Waldron Walker Wall Wallace Waller Wallis Walsh or Welsh Walter Wandesforde Warburton Ward or Mac an Bhaird Waring Warren Washington Waters or Walter Watkin Watson Wauchop(e) Weekes Wellesley West Westropp Whaley Wheddon Whelan Wherland White Whiteside Whitley Whittington Whitty Wickham Wickliff Widman Wilde Wilkes Wilkinson Williams Williamson Willis Willoughby Wilson Wilton Wingfield Winthrop Wiseman Wogan Wolfe or Woulfe Wolverston Wood or Woods Woodhouse Woodley Wray Wright Wrixon Wynne Wyly Wyse Yarner Yeats or Yeates Yelverton Young