Tracing your Kildare Ancestors

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  • ISBN13: 978-1-907990-07-6
  • 160 pages
  • illustrated (b/w)
  • 227 x 145  mm
  • softcover
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This new title is a guide for family research in County Kildare.   It provides a comprehensive account of all of the many genealogical sources available for those tracing ancestors from this county.  These sources include websites,  birth,  marriage and other personal records, public records.  books, journals and manuscripts.   County Kildare has a diverse population including farmers,  soldiers and horsemen.  The county has had a long association with the military including the major Curragh camp. It is also the centre of the Irish equine industry and is one of the richest counties outside Dublin. Large estates, military barracks, stud farms and horse racing establishments still feature in the county which has a current population of 210,000. Common names in the county include Byrne, O'Toole, Cullen, Dowling, Dunne, Nolan, Lawlor, Farrell, McKelly, Birmingham, Sutton, FItzgerald, Eustace, OKelly, Murphy, Doyle, Walsh, Dowling, Connor, Neill, Brennan, Moore and Kavanagh. 


Tracing your Kildare ancestors is a comprehensive, easily understood, well organised, illustrated guide and useful for anyone researching Kildare ancestors.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Sept 2015

..While resources for family tracing have never been so accessible, there is still a need for guidance along the long and sometimes frustrating road in pursuit of a family tree.  This is where  the content of a new book “Tracing your Kildare Ancestors” will act as a manual for navigating the highways and byways for Lilywhites (Kildare people) setting out to trace their roots whether these are in the short grass of the county’s blood stock belt or deep in the peatlands of West Kildare.

The authors are Kildare’s own ‘troika’ of research champions…   their book is a comprehensive guide to the range of records available …. and guides the researcher sure-footedly through the sometimes arcane terminologies encountered when dealing with old public records.  …   For those who wish to climb the family tree,  the book will provide first class guidance to exploring the roots and branches.  However, be careful when shaking the family tree – there is a risk that a few nuts will fall out of the foliage. 

‘Looking Back’ column by Liam Kenny in Leinster Leader newspaper 2015.

… the latest in series of hugely valuable guides to tracing roots to be published by Flyleaf Press.  It provides a comprehensive account of all the many genealogical sources available for those tracing ancestors from this county….

Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette

This popular field .... is catered for by a range of books, in which this series of no-nonsense guides, listing sources and how to use them,  stands out.  

Books Ireland

.. The publication is a comprehensive guide to all of the records available for tracing families in the county and is filled with information on what the records contain, and how and where they can be accessed. It is well illustrated with maps ..; with examples of the types of records to be found; and with other relevant material.  It also provides background on the social history of the counties and how this history has affected the keeping and survival of records.  

Reveille Magazine